Stephan van Ginhoven
Problem solver.

I create innovative and impactful visual solutions in print, web, and interactive mediums.



JE Dunn

Website redesign for JE Dunn, a leader in the commercial construction industry

(Contribution: Concept Development, UI, Template Design)

JE Dunn's reputation for being one of the best and most innovative construction companies in North America demanded rethinking its web presence. We revamped both the content organization and visual look and feel of their existing site, relying on storytelling to increase audience engagement. Through the use of a full-screen, panel-based design approach, we communicate JE Dunn's story and offerings in an easily-digestable way.



Website redesign for Revolver, a post-production photography agency

(Contribution: Concept Development, UX/UI, Template Design, Graphic Production)

Revolver looked for an overhaul of its web presence to properly promote itself as one of New York City's leading photography agencies. A simple design, along with an intuitive and straight-forward user experience, features their work in a prominent but easily-digestible way. Color and patterns are used throughout to evoke the dynamic and edgy nature of the business.



Website redesign for MasterBrand Cabinets, a manufacturer of all things cabinetry

(Contribution: Concept Development, UI, Template Design)

MasterBrand Cabinets had the desite to not only better the user experience and visual state of their existing site, but also to completely change the way potential customers found the right cabinetry brand for them. With a clean interface that displays beautiful imagery and product value, we move users through a seamless journey that gets customized with each interaction, leading to a more personalized and fruitful experience.

A user-guided experience, in the form of a full-screen wizard, is implemented to allow data capture and customization. With many entry points throughout the site, the user is able to record their project details and an array of preferences, and finally being presented with a selection of recommended brands.


IFC Films

A selection of web promotional material for upcoming films

(Contribution: Concept Development, Design)

Invitation, banner ad, and poster used to promote a variety of films through e-mail and social media channels. These designs were done as freelance work for Pixel Parlor.



Website Concept for Vigon, a chemical company

(Contribution: Concept Development, UX/UI)

Vigon produces chemicals used for the making of flavors, fragances, cosmetics, and nutraceuticals. These designs were created as part of the concept development phase for its website redesign. Fresh, dynamic and youthful design elements pervade the renderings, with functionality that evokes the innovative nature of the business. The use of static headers and fixed components on the page allows for a smooth and efficient user experience.


Carnegie Museum

2014 Website redesign for the Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh's premier arts institution

(Contribution: Concept Development, Template Design, Graphic Production, Content Population)

The museum embarked on the revamping of their web presence, creating an enhanced website that revealed their new visual identity and allowed access to a significant amount of newly-digitalized records. Over twenty templates were designed to accomodate the various functionality and diverse content needed to facilitate a user-friendly experience and effectively communicate the nature and offerings of the institution.


Word Trade

Interactive for "Secrets of the Silk Road," an exhibit at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

(Contribution: Concept Development, Design, Graphic Production)

Word Trade introduces the visitor to the evolution of language as a product of trade and cultural exchange. This interactive follows the path of four different words from their origins to their inclusion in the English language, each representing commodities traded along the Silk Road. Phonetic audio clips, coupled with timed hints, create an engaging guessing game for people of all ages.


History Museum

Multimedia interactive installations for the Philadelphia History Museum

(Contribution: Concept Development, Design, Graphic Production)

Introducing history into a modern context, the Philadelphia History Museum created a number of digital experiences to bring their objects and stories to life. These interactives were developed to provide exhibit visitors with background information and audiovisual material about collection items and subject matters unique to Philadelphia.



A selection of logo designs

(Contribution: Concept Development, Design)

XOXO 4u is a multimedia creative company, specializing in creating video, audio, and photo-based presentations for special events and occasions.

WAG is a digital marketing agency, offering brand strategy, content marketing, and design services.

Incubation Services is a Dutch company that provides business support and financial guidance to emerging and newly-founded organizations.

Paeonia is a Peruvian company that offers creative consultation services to small businesses, particularly to boutiques and specialty stores.


Millennium Ethiopia

Title design and promotional visuals for a documentary film

(Contribution: Concept Development, Design)

Millennium Ethiopia is a 2010 documentary film about the Millennium celebration in Ethiopia, which took place in 2007. I was approached by the director to create the film's title design and a series of visuals intended to promote its upcoming release.


Corporate Brochure

Brochure for Financial Research Associates, a consulting company

(Contribution: Concept Development, Design, Print Production)



I am a graphic designer with extensive experience working with businesses and non-profit organizations in the U.S. and abroad, ranging from corporations to arts and cultural entities. My expertise extends across all mediums, from print, to web, to interactive, as I strive to provide the most suitable and effective design solution to fulfill each of my clients' needs.

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